Leadership of the Digital-Age

23 March 2023
03:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Novotel Mumbai

Organizations depend more and more on their CIO to implement useful solutions to accelerate digital transformation as cloud computing develops. At the heart of the digital credence IT experts of the industry oversee establishing, preserving, and advancing a more reliable digital ecosystem. ​

The Summit presents road maps for strategic decision-making and pinpoint metrics that are the main forces behind expansion in the digital sphere. Establishing and monitoring accountability in IT activities to meet company goals. Alternately to implement technical responses to cyber hazards as a privacy or cybersecurity expert. ​

In this new era the solution providers can encourage their brands, offer their solutions to the CIOs be present at the session to assist them in accelerating their organizational productivity and growth.



The event will be attended by 150+ participants from BFSI – Fintech & Financial Services, NBFC, Aviation, IT & BPM, Telecommunication, E-commerce, Healthcare, Food & Beverages, D2C, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Tourism & Hospitality so on and so forth.

Chief Information Officer​
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Information Security Officer
Chief Digital Heads
Chief Data Officer
Director IT/Technology
VP IT/Technology
Head IT/Technology
GM IT/Technology







Team Computers is a bridge between business needs and the world of IT solutions. The team sees itself as trusted solutions partner. It understands your needs, Identify-Integrate-Support High quality, affordable IT Solutions in Hardware, Software, Services, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud with Speed, Flexibility and an attitude of Sewa.

ENATE - Strategic Partner

Enate is an end-to-end business workflow platform that enables you to organise your operations, maximise efficiency and become smarter, faster and more agile. View, manage and optimise operational workflows, send the right task to the right resource, identify automation opportunities and get the job done on time. ​

​Enate wraps around your current tech stack, and anyone in the business can be trained to use it. Implement Enate quickly, and see results from the first month.

CLEAR - Silver Partner

Clear (formerly ClearTax), is India’s leading fintech SaaS company with the mission of simplifying finances for Indian businesses and individuals. We are trusted by over 5 million Indian taxpayers, more than a million tax practitioners, 600,000 small businesses, and 4,000 large businesses and brands. 

For enterprises we offer Accounts, Compliance and Treasury automation with advance offerings as Clear Capture, GST, TDS, e-Invoicing, Max ITC, Invoice Discounting supported by a range of managed services. For tax professionals, we offer comprehensive GST compliance, ITR, and TDS filing solutions. For individuals, we offer tax compliance and wealth management. 

Clear has raised $140 million in equity capital investment since its inception. The company was incubated in Y Combinator and is funded by Silicon Valley investors, including PayPal co-founders Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, Max Levchin, and Scott Banister. Clear’s investors include Composite Capital, Sequoia Capital, and SAIF Partners. 

NEOSOFT - Exhibit Partner

NeoSOFT is a digital accelerator to Startups, SMEs, MSMEs, and large enterprises with a significant contribution across 22+ industries including BFSI, Healthcare, Ecommerce & Retail, Education & eLearning, Insurance, Tech Startups, Government & Semi-Government, and more. Backed with an impressive experience of 25+ years and a fast-growing family of 4000+ engineering professionals our capabilities span across IT Consulting, Strategy Planning & Execution, Business Process Re-engineering, IT Modernization, and Business Analysis Consulting, our solutions are devised meticulously to address the needs of specific industries.

Driving in an era of absolute disruption and triggered by new-age technologies like AI, ML, Edge Computing, Automation, etc., we partner with clients to develop customized digital assets ranging from smart applications, IoT-powered wearable solutions, Intelligent Project Management Systems, Enterprise and Cloud Mobility solutions, Blockchain solutions, Digital Insurance Platforms with smart analytics and insights, Contactless and Cashless Retail Shopping Solutions, Logistics Systems with Real-Time Tracking and Insights, Contactless Virtual Telemedicine tools, AR-VR and Game development services


Delve into the realm of innovation and progress as you learn from the industry’s most influential minds. Our events provide a platform to connect with key decision-makers, allowing you to understand real trends, challenges, and demands of the industry. Witness the evolving landscape firsthand and tailor your services to meet their precise needs.

Step into the shoes of your potential customers and unravel their deepest desires. By interacting directly with attendees, you gain valuable insights into their pain points, preferences, and budgetary constraints. Forge genuine connections and discover the perfect solutions to cater to their unique requirements.


Our events are a hub of senior-level decision-makers, presenting a golden opportunity to cultivate new sales leads. Seize this collaborative environment to showcase your services, making a lasting impression on potential clients. Elevate your chances of building a robust sales pipeline and securing valuable partnerships.

Elevate your company’s presence and leave an indelible mark on the minds of your prospects and existing clients. By participating in our events, your brand gains unparalleled visibility and credibility among the industry’s top heads. Stand tall in the spotlight and become the go-to choice for industry needs.


As the industry seeks new possibilities, seize the chance to form lucrative business partnerships. Attendees are open to fresh ideas and are actively seeking collaboration opportunities. Our events provide the ideal environment to connect, create synergies, and forge powerful alliances that propel your business forward.


Embrace the advantage of scheduled 1:1 meetings with high-level executives who possess the decision-making authority and a keen interest in your solutions. By engaging in personalized interactions, you can present tailored solutions that cater to their specific requirements, leaving a lasting impression that transcends beyond the event.


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